Permanent Foundation Crack Repair

Since the first poured concrete foundation wall was built about 30 years ago, repairing a leaking crack in a concrete basement wall has been an issue. Truth be told, “all” poured concrete walls are going to experience cracks every 20′-30′. These cracks are not a structural concern since a poured concrete wall is 8″-9″ thick and reinforced with rebar. However, the concrete does slowly cure over time, years in fact. Some cracks can become large enough to be the weak point that allows water to enter the basement.

The true cause of any basement leak is storm water building up under ground against the walls when heavy long rains occur. If enough water is trapped against the wall and builds up “hydrostatic pressure”, the crack in the wall can be the weak point that allows the water to come through. Proper storm drainage is key with any basement home. Keeping the storm water away from the underground walls by doing proper drainage first is very beneficial. Unfortunately builders don’t do this and leave it up to the home owner. Having downspouts piped away, catch basins and French drains in place to get storm water away is needed on all basement homes. And if this needs to be done, make sure it’s done properly by someone who does this everyday like “Drainage First”.

For years the waterproofing contractors would only give you two options (some only one) to address water coming in through a crack in a poured wall. Install an inside drain system under your concrete floor with a sump pump and most likely try to have this done all the way around your basement. The large waterproofing companies over sell and do not just address the immediate problem. Alternatively, the repair option they typically offer would be to “inject” a material (either epoxy or polyurethane) to fill the crack. The truth is that most cracks aren’t open enough to except the filler material and you truly would be only patching the outside of the crack. This is fine and will stop or at least slow the leak but isn’t a true solution to the problem.

The benefit of “Permanent Crack Repair” is that it gives you the best of both worlds. You are only paying for a repair where you need it and it comes with a permanent repair “life of structure warranty” at a cost that makes sense.

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