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When you have a basement or crawl space leak, some things are constant. They usually only leak on long hard rains, and there is little or no storm drainage in place to drain water away from the underground walls. These leaks occur when enough underground water builds up against the foundation wall, why wouldn’t you try to do everything thing you can to keep that from happening on the outside rather than just put a drain system and sump pump to deal with it after it comes in. We know draining the water away from the outside first can mean no need for the expensive interior systems.

Our company offers a variety of services including:

Some Leaks Don’t Make Sense

Drainage First Services in Atlanta

At Drainage First, our focus is to implement measures and features that will keep the water away from the underground walls. This includes adding or repairing down spout drains, catch basins, and grading to create a slope away from the home and retaining walls. Many leaks can be solved or significantly reduced by these measures alone.

Some basement leaks show up on the daylight side of the basement. This is where the walls are not underground, but water is coming in. This is confusing and is one of the great mysteries in waterproofing. Water can travel through channels or gaps behind brick veneer and stucco siding. Waterproofing companies will, like always, want to put something inside your home like a floor drain and sump pump to catch it after it comes in. We have mastered ways to address it from the outside before it comes in. This is our specialty. We fix these almost every week.

The advantages of working with our team at Drainage First include:

  • Our services cost less
  • The solutions we offer make sense
  • We have 15+ years of experience solving water problems
  • You can receive a same-day written estimate
  • Portfolio of similar work is presented at estimate
  • Work can be done right away – no typical long wait like our competitors
  • The estimate and work are performed by the same person
  • We offer a 5 year written warranty on all installs
  • No sump pumps in your house
  • All work done by hand

Call us at (678) 525-8589 for an outside solution that generally costs less and keeps the water out.

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Why Choose Drainage First

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