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Professional Drainage Solutions & Basement Waterproofing

Atlanta, Georgia

Drainage First offers more cost-effective, lasting drain and waterproofing solutions than most water proofers in the greater Atlanta areas. Our company specializes in a wide variety of advanced drainage systems and waterproofing services in Atlanta, including drain repairs, replacements and installations. Our contractors work with a wide variety drain systems, including service for interior, exterior, foundations, basements, freanch drains, storm drains, downspounts and more. We are so confident that customers will be satisfied with our work that we offer a 10 percent referral reward.

As a longtime resident of Atlanta, we service most of the state are happy to come out at no charge to discuss and inspect your home and see if we can be of help and do everything to earn your business. Once you have us out you will quickly see the differences between Drainage First and the ‘typical’ water proofing companies.

Solving Water Issues with Experience and Common Sense

Basement Leaks, Foundation Repairs, Waterproofing, Drainage Systems

After working for traditional “ waterproofing” companies over the past 15 years, I have literally looked at thousands of homes with every water issue imaginable! And, in solving water problems, I know experience is everything. If I can see how the home is built and where the water is coming in, then I can explain how the water is coming in and the best options of how to fix the problem. With water problems, there is usually more than one way to address the issue. Typically, water proofers want to address it after it comes in, rather than keep it out or perform drainage first. That is how Drainage First came about — to provide homeowners a common sense, cost-effective option that was lacking in the industry. Builders create a lot of water issues by taking shortcuts on drainage and doing improper final grading (putting dirt up against a studded wall). Almost every home in Georgia has underground walls that can be improved with additional drainage and grading. Drainage First offers fast, personal service. As a small business owner, I take a hands-on approach and make all service calls myself. Customers can expect a written estimate the same day, without a long wait time before the work actually begins.

Our Atlanta based Services Include:

  • French Drains
  • Storm water drainage
  • Downspout drain lines
  • Catch Basins
  • Large hole pipe and stone drain system
  • Grading/re-sloping
  • Retaining walls
  • Shallow exterior water proofing
  • Exterior foundation crack sealing
  • Finger space drains
  • Crawl space clean-outs and vapor barrier installation
  • Floor and deck supports
  • And more!

Atlanta Waterproofing and Storm Drainage Solutions You Can Trust!

At Drainage First I am your first and only point person. Having the person that does the estimate actually supervise the work just makes sense. It eliminates any finger pointing or confusion over the total scope of work. Our customers value this greatly. All of our work comes with a warranty. If what you’re hearing from big water proofers doesn’t quite feel right, give us a call and get a second opinion.

Why Choose Drainage First

  • We Concentrate on Cost Effective Solutions
  • Free Consultations
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • One Point of Contact
  • Response Time Typically Less Than 24 hours
  • Servicing Atlanta Metro Areas